Want to make the trip of your dreams come true? The one you always wanted, but your pocket is not allowing? Follow this post, we will give you a solution!

Lack of money no longer needs to be an impediment to making the “trip of your life”. Nowadays it is already possible to count on a personal loan for travel. As the name says, this type of credit is specific for vacationing and taking trips.

It doesn’t matter if you want to know the country or explore territories around the world. This type of loan allows values ​​that allow you to make any trip, and with installments that can be diluted in order to fit smoothly in your budget.

For that, we bring everything you need to know to apply for a personal travel loan. Check out!

What is the personal travel loan?

What is the personal travel loan?

In the personal loan, it is not necessary to say the end of the available credit. Despite this, some companies already allow you to make this request exclusively for travel. That is, the personal travel loan is nothing more than private credit directed to this type of purpose.

It is possible to finance a partial amount of the total, with a payment period of up to 48 months. In this way, research and organize in advance, define the destination, calculate the expenses related to accommodation, tours and food and reserve an amount for future unforeseen events.

It is worth mentioning that this partial amount of the total that can be financed does not include purchases made at the destination, such as souvenirs, clothes and other purchases. However, accommodation may be included.

What amounts can be financed?

What amounts can be financed?

As stated, in personal travel loans it is possible to subsidize a percentage of the total amount. It will depend on where the credit will be applied for, as this amount may vary according to the financial institution or bank chosen. Loans are generally made from $ 2,500.00.

Considering that not all financial institutions offer this type of credit, to avoid losses, research which offer this option and what are the rates applied.

What documents are needed?

What documents are needed?

To hire and apply for the personal travel loan, you will need the usual documents that are easily accessible:

• identification document (identity card or CNH);

• proof of income (paycheck or bank statement, both from the last three months);

• proof of address (also from the last three months).

After that, just send the documents for analysis. This inspection serves to define your credit profile, check that there are no restrictions on your name and evaluate the amount requested. Finally, after this process, you will be informed about the deadline for accessing the money in your checking account.

What are the advantages of a personal travel loan?

It is a fact that traveling is good for the soul, rests the head and renews energies, but this free time does not always fit in our financial planning. However, with the new possibilities for personal travel loans, this need not happen.

And, unlike ordinary personal credit, where money can be applied to different segments, the travel loan will be completely geared to this purpose, thus preventing you from spending it on unnecessary things.

Despite the facilities and conditions that many travel agencies provide for installments of packages on credit cards, this may not be the best option. That’s because the credit card fees, the additions made to dilute the installments and the value of the installments themselves can be considerably higher and turn your dream trip into a nightmare.

However, never fail to plan financially for loans of any kind. When it comes to travel, if it is well organized, surely your vacation will be unforgettable!

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