There are many online financials that are dedicated to granting Fast Loans on the internet and who pay money in 10 minutes with little paperwork and no questions. Even algae admit people who have rai or creditent. We detail all the companies that grant money to the applicant:

Its main features:

  • They are small quantities In general up to 1,000 euros. The first time 300 Eur.
  • They pay the loan money in a few minutes
  • They ask for little paperwork. With the ID, the payroll and a mobile is usually enough.

Financial lending Free Money

Financial lending Free Money

Some of these companies lend free money. That is to say, a small credit can be requested up to 300 euros to pay in 30 days and the same amount requested is returned without interest or commissions. In some cases the maximum amount they grant for free is 100 euros and in other cases they charge a small amount for management fees.

The fact of granting free money without interest is motivated to advertise and make itself known and a way to attract customers, the credit is free in the first operation and in the following requests they already charge the established interest or commissions that as is known in the case of fast mini-credits, they are quite expensive interests and the calculation of the APR exceeds 3,000%.

Here are some of the financial companies that offer free money in the first operation being the first free credit :

How money is requested in Internet Financial

How money is requested in Internet Financial

All internet financial companies work similarly. They have a web page with a form to provide the necessary data to study the operation.

On their initial page, they tell you to select the quantity within a minimum and maximum limit. The most common in the first operation is between 50 and 300 €. in subsequent requests you can increase the amount. You also have to select the term to return the money. In this case, in general, the maximum period is 45 days and the most usual is 30 days.

Once the amount and the term have been selected, go to a second page where you enter your personal data, name, address and income and expenses data where you have to specify how much you earn each month, and in what concept if it is by payroll, by collection of pension or other concepts and aid. You will have to declare if you have other debts and especially that you have up-to-date payments and are not on delinquent lists with creditent.

Once all these data have been filled in, they answer you immediately and can send an SMS to your mobile or an email. If the operation is approved, they send you a contract that once signed and in the hands of the financial company, they pay you the money instantly.

Requirements to request mini-credits on the internet

Requirements to request mini-credits on the internet

To request Fast Loans in internet financial the requirements that you have to meet are very basic contrary to what happens if you want to apply for money in a bank. These are the minimum conditions to request fast credits online:

– Be of legal age, although they usually require between 21 and 70 years of age.

– Be a resident in Spain with a valid ID or Authorized Resident Card.

– Do not be on record of delinquent rai and creditent although there are exceptions where you can request mini-credits while being in creditent.

– Have regular monthly income that is not necessary, only by payroll. The income can come from aid, the collection of a pension, rent, collecting unemployment, etc.

– Have an operational mobile phone and an email for communications. Sometimes a debit card is required to dispose of cash at Half Cash ATMs.