Maybe you are in need of money and you urgently need extra money. Do you not want to ask family or friends for help because you do not want to be accountable?

With online credit providers you can borrow money without asking questions. No sermons, no questions, no accountability. Simply arrange everything online easily.

Loan goals

  • Extra spending space
  • Purchase of a vehicle
  • Medical procedure
  • Holiday or trip
  • Repay on an existing loan
  • Debt restructuring
  • Renovation of your house

No questions, no accountability.

You may be embarrassed because you are in financial trouble. Would you like to go on a winter sports trip but you can’t actually afford it. Or do you have an expensive loan from the past that you want to refinance? Or do you have a nice car but you can’t actually pay for the repairs and you don’t want to comment on your car? You may want to have a medical procedure performed that is not covered by health insurance and you do not want to say too much about it, and certainly not against an unknown bank employee. All reasons why you would rather hide the fact that you need money. Then it’s nice that you can easily borrow money without asking. Most lenders would like a global description of your loan objective, but no further judgment is attached to it and you don’t have to explain it in very concrete terms either.

What should you take into account when taking out a loan?

What should you take into account when taking out a loan?

It is important that you read up on various loans precisely if you do not feel like asking. Taking out a loan is very easy and certainly online you don’t have to see or speak to anyone about it, but it is a serious matter. Borrowing money also costs money. You pay interest on the amount to be borrowed and of course the money, plus the interest, must also be repaid.

All these things together determine how attractive a loan is to you. With your application you must already make a choice between a personal loan and a revolving credit. It is therefore good to know what the differences are between these loan forms.

You must take into account:

  • The amount of the loan
  • The interest rate
  • Type of loan (personal / continuous)
  • The term of the loan
  • Additional charges

Revolving credit or a personal loan?

With a personal loan you borrow a fixed amount, at a fixed interest rate and with a fixed term. You get the money, do whatever you want with it and after that you start repaying monthly until the end of the term. This loan form is very suitable if you want to borrow money for a specific purpose where you know in advance how much you need. Because everything is fixed in advance, you know exactly where you stand and what your loan will cost you.

A revolving credit is more flexible. You receive a credit limit and can dispose of it as you wish. You agree in advance on the maximum amount you want to borrow and the duration. You decide the rest yourself. You determine what amount you withdraw with when. You pay a part repayment and a part interest each month. You only pay this interest on the amount that you actually borrowed. One of the advantages of the revolving credit is that you can withdraw what you have repaid. And this is also a disadvantage because you can be attached to your loan longer. The interest that you pay is variable. This means that the interest rate may change during the term of the loan. With a revolving credit, you therefore never know in advance what your loan will cost you.

Responsible borrowing

Precisely because you can easily borrow money without asking questions, it is important that you think carefully about your loan. Borrowing money costs money, so it is important to get extra money in a cheap and responsible way. That is why we at Credit Savers want to inform you as much as possible about the different options for borrowing money. You will also find various providers on our site where you can request quotes. You can then compare these quotes to see which loan is most interesting for you.  You can request a quote without obligation at Credit Savers. They will look for the most advantageous loan for you. First of all, you make a choice between a personal loan and a revolving credit. You indicate your loan objective, no further questions are asked about this, this is just a global indication. To calculate your maximum loan amount, you need your net monthly income and that of your partner, if any, plus how much you pay monthly in housing costs. Your maximum loan amount is calculated based on this. Do you want to borrow money without questions? Request a quote on

Registration with the BKR

If you borrow money or are in red, this is registered with the BKR. When you pay your bills neatly, there is nothing wrong, you have a positive registration. You will then have no problems getting a loan. Have you had problems with lenders in the past because you have not paid your bill or do you have outstanding loans? Then it is possible that you have a negative registration with the BKR. The extent to which this causes problems when applying for a loan depends on the seriousness of the backlogs and your willingness to pay it off. The lender will usually seek information from the BKR to determine whether it is justified to provide you with a new loan. If this is not the case, you will hear as soon as possible after your application. And if there are no problems, your loan will be provided as usual. Would you like more information about your registration with the credit registration agency? Then check out the BKR website.